Carole Goodwin is an award winning fine art photographer based in Denver, Colorado

When I walk around the city with my Hasselblad I often feel alone in the crowded world. The busy streets become silent, their occupants drifting by in slow motion. Photography is my life and love. Being "in the zone" gets me to a state of mind where I don't notice the world around me. I wander and shoot what stimulates and inspires me; often oblivious to the other sights and sounds all around.
That narrow focus and the feeling of being immersed in that world is the best way for me to connect with my subjects whether they are cityscapes, lifestyle scenes, or individuals. I love being in those moments.
My images are vibrant and colorful depictions of what I see and envision. My unique style and passion for my subjects allows viewers to experience familiar locations and objects in exciting, different ways. 
My 2017 personal work is shooting a fine art portrait project called #PosedDenver which you can view and read about here and here. My professional clients include Warwick Hotel Denver and Denver Metro Media.
Professional Associations
I am a member of these assocations:

I'm interested in collaborations with artists, photographers, models, and clients looking for someone with a new perspective towards your needs. Please feel free to send me an email, text or private message and we'll chat about your upcoming projects.
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Thank you!

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